Pakistan Peoples Party Information Secretary Qamar Zaman Kaira has asked the government how 72 banned outfits are still working under new names in Pakistan. This one has to be given to the PPP; all these religious parties and their charity wings should have been dismantled a long time ago. All legislation to check these militant groups was blocked by PML-N and there has been no operation in the Punjab. Rana Sanaullah has been openly seen with banned outfits. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar keeps insisting that there are no verifiable allegations against hate-mongers like Maulana Abdul-Aziz while presiding over a lethargic process of madrassa registration, unable to stand up to clerics who are resisting. Why they are sympathising with groups that have clearly voiced threats is beyond the understanding of the nation.

Five alleged ‘facilitators’ of the attack at Bacha Khan University at Charsadda were presented before the media as a proof of the progress made in the investigation so far. Additionally, Gen. Bajwa has made public the audio clip of a conversation between the mastermind of the assault, Khalifa Mansoor, and a reporter, and displayed the Afghan mobile phone number from which the call was made. There are clear links with Afghanistan, though the state is not holding Afghanistan responsible for diplomatic reasons. However, at least one of the attackers was a Pakistani resident from South Waziristan. The intelligence seems to be coming in bit by bit, but it never gets to the real culprits, the masterminds, who are either in Afghanistan, or the state does not give them a hard time for a variety of reasons from strategic depth to blind religious sympathy.

Since the launch of Operation Zarb-e-Azb in June 2014, the ISPR chief said, more than 21,000 suspects had been arrested in nearly 14,000 intelligence-based operations and 200 killed while resisting arrests. If thousands of people were arrested in thousands of operations, and still we are facing terrible attacks, is the army saying that the terrorist horde is so massive that it just cant be contained despite thousands of operations? 14,000 intelligence operations should have scared these men witless, yet they find their way to bombs, Afghani sims and innocent children.

The coward Khalifa Omar Mansoor in a video released just after the carnage at the campus, threatened more attacks: “These schools and colleges are their nurseries where they are nurtured. We have made a pledge that we will kill them in their nurseries and eliminate these very foundations.” If the TTP is hitting at our foundations, why is the state and military not hitting at their foundations? All seminaries, all-religious charities, all renamed and repackaged militant groups have to be registered or banned.