The All-Pakistan Brick-Kiln Owners Association has pledged all-out support to the government campaign against the child labour and for enrolment of children of brick-kiln workers in schools.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, All-Pakistan Brick-Kiln Owners Association (APBKOA) General Secretary Mehr Abdul Haq said that kiln owners would extend sincere support for the elimination of child labour . He, however, expressed his reservations about some clause of Amended Child Labour Ordinance 2016 and demanded suitable amendments to make it more beneficial and result-oriented.

He lauded that due to the ordinance and government measures, children of brick-kiln workers would have access to education, assuring that the kiln owners would extend help and support to the government in this regard.

He regretted that officials of different government departments and NGOs are attempting to strangulate the government efforts by creating hurdles for the brick-kiln owners.

“Such elements are trying to pose a threat to brick-kiln industry,” he alleged, suggesting that the government should constitute teams comprising honest officers and office bearers of the kiln owners association for raids to ensure welfare of the workers from all these steps.

Mehr Abdul Haq said that the All-Pakistan Kiln Owners Association is going to stop sale of bricks for three days in protest against “what he dubbed” the registration of unjust and illogical cases against the kiln owners.

“This strike will continue till Jan 28 and would be extended if harassment of the kiln owners continues,” he declared.