Islamabad - In an effort to curb the menace, the Capital Development Authority has started a pamphlet campaign against land grabbing in the capital city, The Nation has learnt.

The pamphlets inscribed with reference of Islamic punishment on land grabbing are being distributed in all commercial areas of the capital city. A letter written by Director Enforcement Engineer Ishret Taj Warsi stated that land grabbing and illegal occupation of state land is a criminal offence and the enforcement directorate is striving to eradicate the practice.

According to the letter, “few hadeeths with particular reference to land grabbing which categorically state punishment of Almighty Allah for land grabbers have been compiled and published on pamphlets for distribution in all commercial areas of Islamabad.” Director Enforcement in the letter further said that “it is also imperative to sensitize the general public and educate them about the practice of land grabbing through different sources.

The Islamic teaching also tells us that our Holy prophet (PBUH) has warned people involved such activities of punishment,” it said. Furthermore, Director Enforcement has requested Director General Training Academy, CDA to organise a programme on the issue in collaboration with civil society, students, builders and other stake-holders.

Occupation of state land in the city has been a persistent problem for the CDA. As the authorities become active, the land grabbers come into action; suggest the recent illegal attempts and subsequent action of the authorities against land grabbing.

According to sources in the CDA, land grabbing is continuing on both an individual and mafia level and not without connivance of the officials. In many cases, the operation proves to be eyewash, since the occupants and encroachers waste no time in reoccupying the land that CDA vacated hours earlier. The members of land mafia obtain the bail a day after registration of the FIR and resume their activities fearlessly.

tahir niaz