SIALKOT/SAMBRIAL-A large number of the people staged a protest at Sialkot Kutchery Chowk against the police failure to solve the mystery of a girl’s murder despite the passage of one year.

On January 23, 2017, the Sambrial police had found the dead body of Tania Mariyam from the Upper Chenab Canal (UCC) near Sambrial. The protesters also staged a sit-in carrying banners and placards. They also chanted anti-police slogans, demanding early arrest of kidnappers-cum-killers. They said that one year had passed but the police still remained unable to find out any clue to the brutal murder or to arrest accused.

Tania Mariyam's brutal murder still remains an unresolved mystery. Her father Nadeem Gill said that the police still remain clueless. He expressed complete dissatisfaction over the investigation. He said that the pace of police investigation was very slow.

The police still remain reluctant to the bring the management of the of Convent of Jesus and Mary Sialkot Cantt, the school of the slain Christian girl, under investigation in the bind murder case despite the repeated requests made by the grieved family, he added.

The family urged the police to bring the school management under investigation to resolve the blind murder case.

"Why the Sialkot police are hesitating and reluctant to bring the management the Convent of Jesus and Mary Sialkot Cantt under investigation in the mysterious blind murder case," he questioned.

The Sambrial police had found the dead body from the Upper Chenab Canal and then claimed that she committed suicide while jumping into the canal. However, the grieved family revealed that she did not commit suicide as there was no water in the canal at that time.

Her father said that she was murdered brutally by some unknown accused after abduction but the police claimed that she committed suicide. Later, the police registered a murder case on her family's application.

Christian Thinkers Forum Chairman Javed Gull said that Tania's parents and relatives were worried due to non-arrest of accused in the murder case. He added that they would hold a candlelight vigil and lodge protest on the bank of Upper Chenab Canal where she was found dead one year ago.

Javed Gull furiously said that Zainab and Tania's murderers were the enemy of humanity so they must be punished.


A medical screening camp was established for the employees of the Sialkot District Council by the Health Department at Sialkot Fort.

The district administration urged the employees of the Sialkot District Council to have their complete blood screening to ensure good health by adopting preventive measures and taking good cure. It said that health is wealth and the healthy citizens were the capital and wealth of the nation as well.