QILA DIDAR SINGH-Self-proclaimed unlicensed 'doctors' are running medical clinics and maternity homes in the areas including Qila Didar Singh, Ladhewala Warraich and Naukhar.

According to a survey report, these semiliterate practitioners posing selves to be doctors are playing with the lives of poor and innocent people.

The popularity and business of these so-called medical practitioners are growing in these areas amidst criminal negligence of the health authorities.

The drug inspectors are also least bothered to take action against the illegal medical stores selling intoxicating drugs and injections to public. The drug inspectors have allegedly shares in monthly income drug store owners and this is because they have turned a blind eye to the grave situation.

Social and political figures appealed to the commissioner Gujranwala division to take stern action against the quacks who, they alleged, are performing child deliveries at their clinics without safety measures. They also demanded action against the illegal medical stores.



Sale of contaminated flour is on the rise in Gujranwala district and its surroundings. It has been learnt through a survey that the flour being sold across Gujranwala region is contaminated with rubber. During the survey, people told the Nation that the flour mills owners have become blind in their craze to earn big money. They are mixing rubber into flour and in this way; they are playing with public health. People have reportedly been falling victim to digestive disorders due to consumption of contaminated flour.

People pointed out that the Punjab Food Authority must take effective steps to stop the sale of contaminated flour. They also demanded Commissioner Gujranwala division Capt (r) Asif launch a vigorous crackdown on the mills selling substandard flour.



The ongoing development works in Gujranwala city, particularly at Ladhewala Warraich have become a nuisance for public. Streets are dug for the laying of water or gas pipelines but are left unplugged. Contractors also disappear, leaving the work incomplete.

It causes dust and air pollution in the environment. People are reportedly becoming patients of respiratory diseases due to dusty atmosphere. The uplift works left incomplete also cause water accumulation in streets which cause difficulty in commutation. People demanded solution to the problems they are facing due to negligence of the officials concerned.