LAHORE - Imran Ali, the suspected serial killer and rapist of child girls including Zainab Amin, was handed over to police on 14-day physical remand here on Wednesday.

The Counter Terrorism department and police officials produced the suspect before Special Anti-Terrorism Court-I in tight security. They brought 24-year-old Imran in a small armoured vehicle, with his face covered in a veil.

In the latest of around a dozen child rape and murder cases in Kasur, seven-year-old Zainab was brutalised last month, sparking violent protests across the city.

The horrific killing after rape of the poor child made headlines across the globe and brought national and international condemnation.

The public demand for immediate arrest of the culprit resulted in an unprecedented search in which almost all law enforcement and secret agencies took part and a large pool of suspects were probed, besides carrying out DNA profiling of more than 1100 people.

The traditional methods of probe provided a lead and the DNA test confirmed the identity of the suspect, who turned out to be a man from the same area where Zainab lived and was apprehended on Tuesday.

At the outset of the proceedings, Judge Sajjad Ahmad asked the police officials that who was the complainant. The Investigation Officer said that uncle of the deceased girl Zainab lodged the FIR.

They said that they found the DNA of the suspect matched with the DNA samples taken from the bodies of Zainab, Kainat, Tehmina and at least five other minor victims.

Imran’s polygraph test was also positive, while the pictorial and video evidence also showed him to be the culprit, the official said.

The judge asked the investigation officer whether the polygraph test had any legal value. He also asked about pictures and videos of the accused. The IO replied that those were annexed with the report submitted before the court.

The officials removed the veil from the face of the suspect. Upon seeing the face, the judge asked the IO if he was the same man as was in the CCTV footage, who had a beard in the footage.

The official replied he was the same man. He added that the suspect confessed during investigation that he used to shave periodically. He further told the court that the suspect used to lure the children by offering them candies, toffees and cash.

The judge asked the investigation officers if they had any other evidence besides DNA report and polygraph test, they replied that they had the pictures and videos and wanted further investigation of the matter.

On judge’s asking they told that the DNA test of the suspect was conducted on Jan 20. They requested the court to grant 14-day physical remand of the suspect for further investigation as they wanted to know where the suspect kept Zainab after kidnapping her. The court allowed their request and granted 14-day physical remand.