LAHORE - There was a time when female segment of our society preferred to give all their time, devotion and energies to their home and domestic activities. As Addison views in this context, Family is the proper sphere for a woman to shine in. But the time in which we are existing offers survivals to the fittest only and a race has been set among human beings to rush towards their goals and achievements. Now the woman of present era has been forced to reject that; Man for the field and woman for the hearth Man for the sword and for the needle she Man to command and woman to obey, All else confusion. Gone are the days when a lady stayed at home and relied on prayers for the success for her spouse and spent all her attention and energy to make home, a sweat home. Now woman has dragged herself into field and it has become not only a popular trend rather the need of time that she shares equal anxiety with males to look for a bright future. A qualified woman leaves no stone unturned to achieve professional achievements in her life. Now she is also a constant in the field of career making, but with one leg bound to her natural and instinctive domestic responsibilities. In this situation most of the working women experience a stress when they receive jerks of the equal opposite forces from these two different directions. This stress increases when she receives a left-handed compliment even from her close relations, in spite of the fact that she tried her best to keep the things square. There are many reasons which turn dreams come ambitions to stress and anxiety. If a womans natural role is one, the other may be over-expectations from her relations. It may be short house of sleep or fluctuation of mind from one assignment to the other. It does not mean that it is wrong for a lady to nurture ambitions, but if the ambitions will turn into stress and strain then it would be deadly dangerous for her whole life set up. Now the thing is to avoid that anxiety and frustration if you want to achieve something. Instead of loosing temperament and courage, better to plan even your daily life. After setting this imaginary road map, check your implementations once and again concentration is another important factor which is inevitable to achieve something. Herman Hessie, famous German writer says in this context that if you want to achieve something, go towards your goal as a stone goes towards the bottom of a lake. Over and above this stressful situation can be used positively by considering it a motivational force which can speed up the process of realizing someones ambition. So, it is quite normal for a working woman to experience anxiety of success and stress of ambition. Just the need is to handle it positively without further damage to a normal and healthy mind which is inevitable for successful and ambitious life.