WASHINGTON  - A civilian maintenance worker has been arrested for setting fire to a US attack submarine, causing $400 million in damage, according to a complaint seen by AFP. Case Fury, 24, was due to be charged at a court in Maine.  He is accused of having “willfully and maliciously set fire to and burned a vessel, namely the USS Miami, together with building materials and supplies located thereon,” according to the complaint filed against him. He is also accused of having “willfully and maliciously” set fire to and destroyed building materials and supplies located near the submarine. According to the complaint, Fury admitted to having used a lighter to set the May 23 fire on board the USS Miami, as well as to having set a second fire a few weeks later on the dock, using alcohol-soaked tissues.

Fury suffered from depression and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital shortly after the second fire, the document continued. The USS Miami was at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine for maintenance and improvements, when the fire erupted on May 23.  It took firefighters 12 hours to put out the blaze and left most of the front of the vessel destroyed, causing some $400 million in damage. On June 16, a second fire was ignited on the dock where the submarine was berthed, but this was extinguished quickly without causing much damage.