RAWALPINDI  - Education Wing of City Traffic Police (CTP), on the special instructions of Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Superintendent Police Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah, is educating the citizens during Ramazan about the traffic rules to ensure safety for all road users.

According to details, Education Wing of CTP, under its campaign launched to educate the citizens, is regularly visiting different areas of the city. Lectures are delivered through multimedia, public address system and with distribution of pamphlets aimed at creating awareness about road safety and traffic rules, the CTO said.

Syed Ishtiaq Hussain told this agency that the drive has been launched, aiming to ensure safe driving on the city roads and to make the journey more safe and secure.

He said, traffic rules must be observed on roads as these are for the safety of the drivers and other road users as well. The CTO informed that special campaigns were launched in the past by the traffic police to educate road users especially motorists about observance of traffic rules which are for their own safety.

He asked the road users and drivers to follow traffic rules, which make the journey on roads more safe and secure.

He said surveys revealed that most of the traffic accidents on roads occur due to the negligence on part of the drivers Ishtiaq Shah said the city traffic police have launched the drive for the safety and protection of the citizens.

Efforts are being made to persuade the road users in the traffic management and an awareness campaign is also being run for observance of traffic rules, he said stressing strict observance of traffic rules as only through this way, safe and secure journey on the roads could be ensured.