WASHINGTON - The transportation of NATO supplies through Pakistani border-crossings into Afghanistan is ‘working well’ following the reopening of the ground routes, a State Department spokesperson has said.

Questioned at the daily press briefing on Monday whether Washington would end its drone attacks against militant targets inside the Pakistani territory now that Islamabad has unblocked the supply routes, spokesperson Victoria Nuland said, “What I will say on Pakistan is that we’ve got good news with regard to the ground lines of communication (GLOC).

“As you know, they’ve been open for some week and a half, two weeks now, and we have some 400 trucks either having passed or getting ready to pass through. And so that is working very well,” the spokesperson added.

But the spokesperson declined to answer the question about CIA’s drone strikes, saying, “I’m not going to talk about intelligence issues.” The Pakistani GLOCs were closed in November 2011 in protest against the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers in cross-border American aerial strikes on the country’s border posts.

Welcoming the resumption of Pakistan-India cricketing relations, the United States has said it was encouraging the two neighbours to move forward on major outstanding problems, including trust and political issues. “We’re for cricket. We don`t understand it, but we like it,” State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said Monday when asked about the role the US could play to help the two countries resolve the issues bedevilling their relations now that they have agreed to revive bilateral cricket series.

“We share the interest of people in India, (and) people in Pakistan ...in seeing these two countries continuing to improve their relationship,” she said in response to the question from an Indian journalist at the daily press briefing.

“We have been supportive in all of our diplomatic encounters at every level with the Indian side, with the Pakistani side in some of the progress that they’ve made. They’ve made considerable progress on the economic side. “We are encouraging them to do better on issues like sharing counterterrorism information, dealing with threats to both countries, moving forward to work on trust and political issues, so we will continue to support dialogue between them at every level, but it’s obviously up to Indians and Pakistanis to continue to work on this,” the spokesperson added.

About the issue of dealing with the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks and bringing people to justice, Nuland said it comes up in all of US discussions with Indians and with Pakistanis.

“And we’ll continue to advocate for full justice being served, not least because Americans lost their lives as well.”