KARACHI – The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has demanded the governments of Sindh and Balochistan to give security to doctors and exemplary punishment to those involved in attacking teams carrying out the immunisation drive against polio across the country. In a statement issued on Tuesday, office-bearers of the medical association condemned the armed attack on a World Health Organisation doctor, namely Dr Foston Dido, besides flaying the killing of Dr M Ishaq, who was working with an anti-polio team in Gadap Town of Karachi, and the abduction of a surgeon and associate professor of the BMC, namely Dr Din Mohammad Baloch, in Quetta on July 22.“This situation is not acceptable to the PMA. It should come to an end; otherwise the PMA will launch a country-wide protest (against such atrocities).” The medical association alleged that it was quite obvious that religious elements were behind such crimes. “They want to impose their version of Sharia in the country. Since long, they have been threatening workers of anti-polio teams of dire consequences. And now they have proved that they can attack and kill these innocent workers,” it added in support of its assertion. “The PMA is concerned over the brewing security situation in the country, particularly in Balochistan and Sindh,” said the statement. At a hurriedly-called meeting, Prof S Tipu Sultan, Dr Mirza Ali Azhar, Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, Dr Idrees Adhi, Dr Qazi Wasiq, Dr Ahmed Bhemani, Dr Hamid Manzoor, Dr Khalil Mukkadam, Dr Aziz Khan Tank, Dr Shershah Syed, Dr Naseer Baloch, Dr Usman Ghani and Dr Najam Feroz Mehmoodi of the PMA Centre and PMA Karachi deplored the Sindh and Balochistan governments’ failure to provide protection to doctors and medical teams. “It seems as there is no rule of law or the writ of the government in these provinces. The government has failed to provide doctors any protection, despite the fact that there had been serious threats.” The PMA also observed that doctors were more prone to abductions and killings because of the sensitive nature of their job, concluded the statement.KESC PARTICIPATES IN ENVIRONMENT EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Karachi Electric Supply Company’s Energy Conservation Department actively participated in the 9th Annual Environment Excellence Awards 2012 held recently, says a statement on Monday.It said that the Energy Conservation Department of KESC played a key role to make this event a success. During the event EC team remained engaged in providing useful information amongst the participants regarding Energy Conservation Initiative and about the usage of Energy Efficiency Cost Benefit towards the customers.Participants in that event appreciated the KESC initiative towards this noble cause and commended the new face of KESC, the way it is counseling among the masses about the importance of this initiative.