PESHAWAR – Hundreds of residents of Garhi Qamardin Tuesday staged a big protest demonstration on Kohat Road after Iftar against daily loadshedding up to 14 hours during Ramazan, especially during Sehr and Iftar.

The grid station officials told around 400 protestors that they had been directed by the Pesco authorities to carry out maximum loadshedding in Garhi Qamardin and nearby areas so that the rest of the city could be provided relief in their given quota. The statement further infuriated the protestors, as they said the bills payment ratio of the village was far better as compared to all the suburban towns of Peshawar and meters were installed outside of homes all over the town.

A large number of protesters led by former nazims and councilor brought out a big procession from Garhi Qamardin since there was no light during Sehr and Iftar time on the first two days of the holy month. They protested that the rest of Peshawar was having a daily loadshedding up to 8 hours and there is no power outage during Sehr and Iftar.

However, they complained, they are suffering from up to 16 hours daily power outage, including that during Sehr and Iftar. The protestors said the nearby areas are not experiencing such long power outages and they have electricity during Iftar and Sehr too.

The protesters first peacefully marched to the office of the sub divisional officers and later arrived at the grid station. The grid officials openly told the protesters that the extra loadshedding in the area has been directed by the Pesco bosses and they are only obeying the directives. The protestors asked the new chief executive and the superintending engineer concerned to look into the situation and withdraw the directives of excessive load shedding in Garhi Qamardin. They otherwise warned of blocking the Ring Road and Kohat Road for all kind of traffic in coming days if the situation did not improve.