LAHORE – The representatives of Young Doctors Association (YDA) submitted on Tuesday in the Lahore High Court (LHC) the proposals and recommendations about their revised service structure.

YDA counsel Raja Zulqarnain informed the court that these recommendations were already submitted to the Punjab government but no action was taken on them.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan handed over a copy of the YDA’s proposals to Additional Advocate General (AAG) Faisal Zaman and asked him to forward the same to a committee made by the government on the issue of service structure. The court also directed the law officer to ensure submission of minutes of the committee’s meeting.

Justice Ahsan adjourned further hearing until July 31. The prominent proposals included recruitment of all doctors on permanent basis through Punjab Public Service Commission for all cadres. Increase in paid seats of house officers equal to number of graduates in the same institution. No doctor should be recruited in grade less than BPS-18. The YDA said the health profession should be separated from the basic pay scale system, but due to financial constraints the doctors had been relying on improvement in the existing system.

These recommendations were submitted in response to a petition seeking cancellation of the licences of doctors on strike and scrutiny of their medical degrees besides ensuring disciplinary and penal actions against them. The petitioner Azhar Siddique also requested the court to declare the formation of the YDA as illegal and unconstitutional.

PROF SHAHID’S SUSPENSION DECLARED AS ILLEGAL: Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan of the Lahore High Court (LHC) has declared illegal the suspension and initiation of inquiry against Prof Shahid Mahmood Rana of Faisalabad College University by the varsity’s vice chancellor on approval of syndicate.

The judge in his orders ruled that a principal could delegate those powers which he possessed himself. If the syndicate had no powers to appoint the petitioner as acting vice chancellor then how the syndicate could take action against the petitioner for the act done during the period when he acted as acting vice chancellor, the judge further held.

“The appointing authority of the petitioners is chancellor who has the powers to order inquiry and probe against the petitioner,” the court maintained.

Dr Shahid through his counsel Tipu Salman submitted that he had been serving as Department of Zoology chairman and Faculty of Sciences and Technology dean and vice chancellor at Faisalabad University.

REMOVAL OF U-TURN: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday directed the Traffic Engineering Planning Agency (TEPA) to come up with a solution in two days regarding the removal of a U-turn in front of the Lahore General Hospital to facilitate the Rapid Transit Bus System (RTBS).

Justice Nasir Saeed Sheikh wondered how authorities could be allowed to put the lives of patients at risk in the name of development. The judge directed the respondents to find out a solution to the problem in two days.

A resident of the area had filed the petition, submitting that the Punjab government had launched the RTBS project and authorities had removed a U-turn in front of the Lahore General Hospital.

He said the U-turn had now been repositioned four kilometers from the main entrance of the hospital. This would cause serious problems for the visitors and patients, as well as ambulances, the petitioner maintained.