Karachi - Noted Herbalist Dr Nasaka (Nasir Saleem) Wednesday said that painkiller tablets tend to cause cancer which treatment is dangerous.  “Cancer is not infectious disease. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy may result into the death of a patient with its fatal effects on the body.”

He was speaking at a lecture “Cancer, Radiation and Stem Cells” organised by Biomedical Engineering Department of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology which was attended by a large number of faculty members and students.

Herbalist said that after so many decades of the atom bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, still disabled children are born there in the affected areas due to the worst effects of radiation. It is, therefore, the patient who is going through the process of radiotherapy may die because of the lethal effects of uranium in his blood.

He pointed out that if you boil 50 washed leaves of coriander and then give this water to the cancer patient to drink 3 times a day, it will help remove the lethal effects of chemotherapy. Also if you soak Multani Mitti in water throughout the night, and in the morning rub it on the whole body of cancer patient who is under radiotherapy, it will eliminate the side effects of the radiation. Dr Nasaka revealed that if you eat watermelon after feeling thirsty just after the dialysis, you might die.

The patient of blood pressure should avoid eating tandoori roti (as it has soda in it), colocasia, spinach and brinjal. Fast and oily food are causing liver disorder. Cooking in aluminum pots is dangerous for health as it produces autoimmune disease that have no cure in the world.