SHIKARPUR - Rasool Bakhsh Palijo had a status of university and introduced new trends in politics during the era of Movement for Restoration of Democracy when a large number of women and children presented before police to arrest on the instructions of Rasool Bakhsh Palijo.

He died at the age of 88 while he had spent 70 years in struggling for the rights of the people of Sindh.

This was said by the speakers including Zafar Ghaloo, Zafar Channa, Dr Amir Abbas Soomro, Zubair Soomor, Zahid Bhambhro, Humair Chandio, and others during a condolence reference held by Quami Awami Tehreek Shikarpur chapter at Shikarpur Press Club to pay tribute to Rasool Bakhsh Palijo, founder and chairman of Awami Tehreek, Sindhiani Tehreek and prominent lawyer and writer, who died after protracted illness at Karachi’s hospital, last week.

Speakers further termed that Rasool Bakhsh Palijo had multifaceted revolutionary Marxist was a genuine scholar, eminent lawyer, prolific writer, social scientist, political thinker and a literary critic of great stature while he had the name of courage and struggle and create space for women in politics so that women could resolve their issues because who could better know their outstanding problems.

Besides, he was tireless campaigner of the rights of women, children, peasants, labourers and minorities as well.

He never compromised on his principles and always stood against the oppressive designs and decisions taken by the successive regimes in the country besides he had invited for lectures in all regions across the world.

The participants vowed to convene many more sittings on the genius in time to come to pay him great homage and take his teachings and legacy on.

Speakers demanded the high-ups a university and libraries’ on the name of Rasool Bakhsh Palijo. 

Rasool Bakhsh Palijo had born on 21st February of 1930, at village, Mungar Khan Palijo, in Jungshahi rural town, Thatta district, and buried there.

The silence of one minute was also made by participant in respect of Palijo.

The number of notables, political activists, journalist including Abdul Haleem Mahar, Asadullah Soomro, Ali Asghar Pahore, Zahid Pahore, Ali Ahmed Buriro, Mumtaz Mangi, Shewal Das, Arshad Kagzi, Mian Zafar Alvi, Fazaullah Noorani and others attended the condolence reference.