PESHAWAR - Focusing on peace and security, the Awami National Party (ANP) Sunday announced its manifesto.

The nationalist party vowed to overcome energy shortage, providing better employment and education opportunities and protecting the rights of poor and underprivileged class.

Central Leader Haji Adeel, who was the chairman of the manifesto committee, announced the party’s manifesto here at Peshawar Press Club. Provincial President of the ANP Afrasiab Khattak, Secretary Manifesto Committee Arbab Tahir, former provincial information minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain, senior leader Tajuddine Khan, former MNA Bushra Gohar and other party workers were present on the occasion.

Senator Hajid Adil said that restoration of durable peace and normalcy in KPK and Fata would be their first priority as without peace, development and prosperity was impossible.

He said after establishment of peace, the revival of energy sector was the second most priority of the nationalist party.

He said due to lack of resources and distribution of power to other federating units, the ANP did not accomplish its previous goal of providing 50 units free of cost electricity to masses. However, he vowed this time his party would give serious consideration to this matter if voted to power.

He said that his party would strive hard to ensure rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution. He said the party would also ensure protection of the rights of minorities and providing them equal opportunities without any racial and religious discrimination. 

He said that the ANP did not believe in any discrimination of any kind based on race, creed or gender.

He said every citizen must have the right to hold any public office and all discriminatory laws would be repealed. “Security will be provided to religious and ethnic minorities,” he added.

He said poverty, diseases and illiteracy would be eliminated and social justice would be ensured if his party came to power. 

Hajid Adil maintained the ANP would give special attention to agriculture sector as this sector accounted for 25 per cent of the provincial’s GDP.

He said 47 per cent of the province’s labour force was employed in this sector and 70 per cent of population subsisted on agriculture. 

He said the agricultural development and livestock would be their top priority.

He said livestock was a major contributor with 12 per cent share of the provincial’s GDP.

The ANP leader said that failure to provide meaningful employment was a major cause of radicalisation in Pakhtunkhwa. “If youth are unable to find jobs they lose hope and many drift towards drugs and extremism.

“This will be the prime target of ANP to provide employment to address the needs of youth,” he added.

The ANP will also focus on internal stability and friendly foreign relations with Iran, Afghanistan, India and other world powers especially China and United States.