QUETTA – Jamhoori Watan Party president Nawabzada Talal Akbar Bugti once again announced Rs1 billion as head money for killing APML leader Pervez Musharraf who has landed in Karachi after a self-exile of four years.

“The man who kills Musharraf would be given Rs1 billion as a reward,” he said while addressing a news conference here at Bugti House on Sunday. He said he has no confidence in the Election Commission of Pakistan, saying the government took no step for settling the internally displaced Bugtis to their homes which was a matter of serious concern.

Talal said earlier they had moved the Supreme Court to enlist the Bugti refugees who were living in various part of the country since 2006. He said the government was committing contempt of the court by not settling the issue Bugti refugees, adding, “I had a meeting with Nawaz Sharif who assured me his support in this regard.”

He said the ECP had come up with an option to ballot boxes for voting wherever the Bugti refugees were living. However, he said, they had rejected the proposal. Talal said that he had engaged the provincial election commission, raising the issue of presence of security forces. “Fair election could not be conducted if the security forces are not withdrawn before from Dera Bugti.”

Responding to a question, he recalled that 36 religious scholars had issued fatwa (decree) against Pervez Musharraf and very soon it would be uploaded to the website. “We have earlier announced Rs1 billion for the person who would kill him. If Musharraf’s wife kills him, she would be given Rs2 billion,” he added.

Talal Bugti said the arrival of Akhtar Mengal was good news. “I would contact him whenever he arrives.” He said PTI head Imran Khan has no fame in Balochistan and would pose no threat to the nationalists. On the other hand, PML-N leader Sanaullah Zehri has said unless Pervez Musharraf is brought to justice, the unrest among the people of Balochistan would not end.

Addressing a new conference flanked by PML-N leaders Haji Lashkari Raisani and General (r) Abdul Qadir Baloch here, Zehri said the country was confronted with various crises due to wrong policies of dictator Musharraf. He warned the anarchy would prevail not only in Balochistan but entire country if Musharraf is given any relief.

Responding to a question about nomination of interim prime minister, the PML-N leader said they were happy over the decision as man from a small province was picked for the slot.