RAWALPINDI – The, Chairman GPF, Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan has regretted about Pakistan being overwhelmed with natural resources but governed by the corrupt.

Addressing a seminar on “Energy Crisis and its Short Term Solution”, organized by the Global Peace Foundation under the auspices of Tesla Industries in connection with the Pakistan Day here on Sunday at Amn House oft Peshawar Road Rawalpindi Cantt, he also castigated such corrupt rulers of lacking will power and any vision for uplifting measures. 

He reminded that energy played a pivotal role in the development and sustainability of economy of any country.; while  “Our economy is moving towards disaster due to shortage of electricity , while all political forces are, were  concentrated on minting money for their own interest instead of solving the problems”, he added. 

He urged upon the authorities concerned to make short term as well as long-term projects including Kalabagh Dam to pull the country out of present and forthcoming challenges.

Other notables participants at the seminar urged on building of new hydro power dams, atomic power plants and periodic up gradation of existing hydro power plants and atomic energy plants as long term solution to combat the energy crisis.

They also urged that despite requiring time and resources, these projects should be developed gradually by all future governemnts keeping the important factor under consideration and implementation.

“Short term solutions like wind mill and solar power projects, can only be successful along the coastal areas and per unit cost is expensive”, they deliberated saying more the only viable short term solution to get rid of energy crisis is solar power system that takes less time to install and can be customized according to the requirement, while Pakistan’s climate quite favors the solar system due to the availability of solar light throughout the year.