ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission on Sunday explained that the election candidate is required to appear in person before the Returning Officer to submit the nomination papers.

In a statement, the ECP spokesman said the Commission had been receiving various queries as whether the candidates personal appearance was mandatory for submitting the nomination papers and at the time of scrutiny.

The ECP is also being asked as whether attachment of certificate with the Nomination Form from the Political Party showing party affiliation of the candidate is compulsory.

The Election Commission has quoted the provisions of Representation of Peoples Act 1976 and the allocation of symbols Order, 2002 stating that every nomination paper shall be delivered to the Returning Officer by the candidate in person.

The Returning Officer shall acknowledge receipt of the nomination paper specifying the date and time. However, the candidate may attend the process of scrutiny of nomination papers in his own interest and his nomination paper cannot be rejected on the basis of his absence.

The ECP clarified that the candidates may file the certificate from their political parties showing their party affiliations either at the time of filing nomination papers or at the time of scrutiny or at the time of allocation of symbols on the date of withdrawal i.e. April 18, 2013.

Moreover, the candidates who are filing nomination papers for the seats reserved for women and non-Muslims may attend the scrutiny of their nomination papers. However, if they do not attend the scrutiny, their nomination papers cannot be rejected on this very ground, the Commission clarified.