NOWSHERA VIRKAN - The dacoits rampaged through Garulma Virkan, Chachoki, Mangoki Melo Virkan and other suburban villages and took away farming machinery including 11 peter engines, two electric transformers amounting to Rs one million in separate strikes.

Reportedly these villages were targeted by the dacoits repeatedly over the past one week.

Though the farmers and affected villagers brought the issue into the police notice but the police appeared unable and failed to recover the valuables or bust the dacoits.

Due to the poor performance and indifference of the police, the farmers are compelled to bear heavy losses by purchase new machinery to meet their agriculture needs as wheat crop is under the process.

The residents of these villages including former Mangoki nazim Ch Zulifqar, Muhammad Yasin, Yasir Virk, Fiaz Ahmed and others demanded early recovery of their valuables from the dacoits.

They criticised the police for inefficiency to bust the criminals and questioned their sincerity towards performing duty.

They demanded the DPO to take notice of the police failure and deploy honest and diligent officers to rein into the dacoits.

Moreover, the farmers have also arranged “night watchmen” for safety of their machinery which will put additional burden on the already crises-stricken farming community.