WASHINGTON - The United States and Afghanistan have agreed to transfer control of Bagram Prison near Kabul to the Afghan government, officials said. US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagl and Afghan President Hamid Karzai reached the deal Saturday, Pentagon spokesman George Little said in a statement. "The secretary welcomed President Karzai's commitment that the transfer will be carried out in a way that assures the safety of the Afghan people and coalition forces by keeping dangerous individuals detained in a secure and humane manner in accordance with Afghan law," Little said.

The transfer of power will take place on Monday, Little said.

The agreement comes just two weeks after conversations on the subject of Bagram Prison broke down between the United States and Afghanistan.

The United States, which was worried the Afghan side would release dangerous convicts, said that Afghan officials offered "private assurances" that those detainees would not be released.

Bagram is the only remaining US long-term prison in Afghanistan, The New York Times said. The negotiations over the transfer of control of the prison have been contentious.