ISLAMABAD: Islamabad on Monday rejected Kabul’s allegations that a terrorist attack on a hotel in Afghan capital, which was conducted a few days ago, was organised by Pakistan.

Foreign Office spokesperson in a statement condemned the terrorist attack on Sarena Hotel in Kabul, which claimed many innocent lives, saying a Pakistani national had also sustained serious injuries in the attack and was still under treatment. “It is highly disturbing that attempts are being made to somehow implicate Pakistan in this terrorist incident. We reject the insinuation.

The tendency to immediately blame Pakistan is unhelpful and should be discarded,” the spokesperson added.  The spokesperson said Islamabad was also surprised to see Afghan interior ministry expressing concern over the recently initiated dialogue process with TTP, even though the Afghan leadership at the highest level has been expressing its support for this initiative.–Staff Reporter

As far as Afghan elections are concerned, Pakistan has repeatedly underlined its support for efforts to ensure a free and fair electoral process.

She said that Pakistan remained committed to building a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with Afghanistan, adding that this, however, required a conducive environment for constructive engagement.