Lahore - A 3-member World Bank Mission on Monday called on the LCCI President Engineer Sohail Lashari and discussed competitiveness and growth strategy in Punjab.

The World Bank Mission comprising Vincent Palmade, Lead Economist, South Asia Region, Fatima Zehra Shah, Senior Urban Specialist and Dr. Amjad Bashir had over one hour meeting and spoke on various aspects of the competitiveness.

It was not the energy alone that came under discussion but public private sector partnership, industrial zones and agriculture sector were also the topics that were highlighted.

The LCCI President Engineer Sohail Lashari said that the Punjab government was well focused towards competitiveness and the business community fully supports the growth strategy being adopted by the Punjab government.

He said that the health of all key economic indicators is improving with every passing day.  Engineer Sohail Lashari said that although the situation varies from province to province but as far as Punjab is concerned, the government level is quite satisfactory.

He said that a number of ambassadors and other foreign dignitaries who visited Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry spoke highly about the Chief Minister’s abilities to run the affairs of Punjab in a winsome manner.

The LCCI President also briefed the mission about his vision on Public Private Dialogue (PPD).

About Wagha Border facilitation, the LCCI President informed the delegation that joint inspections by Indians and Pakistanis should be arranged to make it meaningful for date to day businesses.

The head of the delegation Vincent Palmade thanked the LCCI President for updating him on various economic challenges being faced by the business community.