KHAIRPUR - Body of a missing boy was recovered from Ali Bahar Canal on Saturday.

According to details, the body of 13-year-old boy was seen in Ali Bahar Canal near Allah Dino village by villagers. They informed the police, but police did not reach. Villagers themselves recovered the body from canal and brought to taluka hospital in Thari Mrwah for autopsy and identification.

The boy was identified as Sher Ali Aamir s/o Ghulam Akber of Aamir village near Pir Wasan.

Ghulam Akbar’s father said that his son was missing for four days and Setharja police was informed but they did not help them. He said his son was killed by someone and thrown in the canal after sexual assault.

He called for a probe into the matter and FIR against culprits.


Khairpur people staged a protest on Saturday and said that Sepco had failed to end loadshedding in the city.

They said that Sepco staff had completely failed to end the loadshedding. They said their areas were suffering from 8 to 14 hours of loadshedding in Khairpur city.

The Sepco staff said they could not stop loadshedding due to increased power losses.

They said the Sepco staff were looting millions of rupees from customers by blackmailing every month. The protesters said they are paying visits to the Sepco office regularly for correction of their bills and removal of illegal detection bills. They said they submitted hundreds of complaints for correction of bills, but to no avail. They said the officers as well as staff were not resolving the issues.

Social worker Ghaffar Mahar said nobody is sincere in resolving the issue.