KARACHI - Mohajir Qaumi Movement Haqqiqi (MQM-H) vice-chairman Shamshad Ghouri, Kashif Mughal and Raees-ur-Rehman on Saturday announced joining the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) led by former Karachi mayor Syed Mustafa Kamal.

Former MQM-Haqqiqi leaders made this announcement during a press conference at PSP Headquarters, Pakistan House, along with PSP chairman, president and other leaders.

Speaking to the media men, Kamal welcomed former MQM-Haqqiqi leaders in party ranks, saying that people were now realizing the truth and becoming the part of PSP as it is the only party which carries the ideology of unity and progress of Pakistan.

He said that today senior leaders of the MQM-Haqqiqi have joined PSP, which is a good sign. The movement against the so-called stakeholders of urban region of Sindh will reach its conclusion, he said.

Kamal said the party never wanted to present a negative image of the Mohajir community and it was working to eliminate the negative impression that destroyed the Mohajir community during the last thirty-five years. “The political forces used the Mohajir card and did nothing for the community. They transferred people’s money aboard and did massive corruption by encroaching land in the city and establishing marriage halls,” he alleged.

He said that it is matter of great concern that how women workers were being insulted in MQM and party head Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui had used wrong language about them. Siddiqui should think before making any comments, he added.

Giving paramilitary force, Rangers, the credit for restoring peace in Karachi, Kamal said that law enforcement agencies’ good work had brought the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final to Karachi. He said that massive cleanliness work has been done on the key roads of the city for the PSL final. Similar work can be done throughout the year to maintain the real picture of the port city.

PSP had abolished the politics of hate and in next general election party would mark victory from Sindh along with the slot of Sindh Chief Minister, claimed Kamal.

Speaking on the occasion PSP President Anis Qaim Khani said that party it is regrettable that ruling provincial government with an agenda to rob the urban populace has manipulated the constituencies. The constituencies which fall within the city have been made larger with an aim to put the other parties in trouble. Karachi population is not less than 25million but it was also shown less and about nine million peoples were not even counted. It is all done to deprive the urban population of their rights added Qaimkhani.