OKARA-An impregnated woman was abducted by her family for marrying a man of her choice about 10 years ago here the other day. According to Okara Saddr police, Irshad Ali, son of Muhammad Ali, resident of 34/2R village contracted love-marriage with Irshad Bibi, daughter of Nawab Bibi on January 17, 2009. Nawab Bibi got a case registered with Renala Khurd City police and pursued a legal action but the couple was acquitted by court. They began to live in the village peacefully.

The other day, Nawab Bibi along with Ghulam Ali, Kalu, Saeed, Awwal Hassan, Jamil, Sarfraz and eight other armed accomplices entered the house the couple had been living in. The suspects pounced upon the couple, subjected them to severe physical torture and took Irshad Bibi with them. They also looted Rs160,000 cash and gold jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. The Okara Saddr police registered a case against the accused and launched investigation for early recovery of the woman.