ISLAMABAD (PR) - The supply of all essential commodities/goods has been ensured to most of the Utility Stores outlets across the country, under the Ramazan relief package 2018.

The spokesperson of the Utility Stores Corporation, Wajid Swati said that all essential items of Ramazan relief package have been provided to most of Utility Stores across the country and there is no shortage of any items. However, due to a big price difference of essential commodities from market rates and less prices in Utility Stores, there was unexpectedly high sale, leading to shortage of some products/items. But now the situation has improved and efforts are being made to further boost up supplies by the management, he added. Utility Store is committed to fulfill its promise of providing essential commodities to the general public at cheaper and subsidised rates.

Spokesperson further added that MD USC Syed Habib Ur Rehman Gilani has made it clear to all GMs, ZMs and RMs to ensure timely supply of all essential items.