SHARAQPUR SHARIF/OKARA - A woman was raped after abduction at Gogera here.

According to Okara police, the rape victim stood on a road, waiting for a bus to city. In the meanwhile, some unidentified men in a car came next to her and offered her lift to Okara City. She boarded the car. They drove her to a house in Satghar where a man namely Imran raped her. The police registered a case and launched investigation.

Meanwhile, thieves stole cash and jewellery from a house at 16/1R village here. House owner Basra told Renala Khurd Saddr police that some unidentified thieves stole 12 tola gold jewellery and Rs900,000 cash from his house the other night. The police started investigation.

In a campaign against narcotics dealers, the district police arrested Muhammad Ali s/o Noor Muhammad with 18 litres of liquor, Maqsood Ahmad s/o Amir Ali with 20 litres of liquor, Amir Ali s/o Noor Muhammad with 20 litres of liquor and Muhammad Zeeshan s/o Shaukat Ali with 20 litres of liquor. The police registered cases against them.

On the other side, a Sharakpur-based woman committed suicide by consuming toxic material here. According to a police source, the deceased was identified as Saleem Akhtar Bibi, wife of Wali Muhammad. She was resident of New Darwaza, Sharaqpur Sharif. She poured toxic material down her throat over some domestic issue. Police were investigating.