GN LOS ANGELES - Gwyneth Paltrow has claimed that Brad Pitt once threw Harvey Weinstein against a wall and threatened to kill him, after the now-disgraced movie producer made a pass at the actress.

In a new interview, Paltrow says that the incident took place at the opening night of ‘Hamlet’ on Broadway back in 1995. Allegedly, Weinstein suggested that they find a bedroom and have massages, she told Howard Stern’s radio show this week. This was when Paltrow, now 45, was a rising star and had just signed up with Weinstein’s production company to star in Emma and Shakespeare In Love. Brad PittBrad Pitt threatened Weinstein regarding his behaviour, according to Paltrow. She said that Mr Pitt “leveraged his fame and power” to protect her at a time she “didn’t have fame or power”, adding that “Harvey was never inappropriate again” with her following the incident. “He told me exactly what he said [to Harvey]. He said, ‘If you ever make her feel uncomfortable again, I’ll kill you’. It was great. It was the equivalent of throwing him against the wall, energetically,” she said. Paltrow had previously indicated to the New York Times that 54 year old, once her co-star on the movie Seven, had had words with the producer over his behaviour.