Islamabad - Islamabad Capital Territory Administration and the Capital Development Authority have been at odds over requisition of CDA vehicles for the upcoming general elections’ duty, it has been learnt.

According to the details, District Magistrate ICT had, on May 15 requested chairman CDA for provision of 2 cars (double cabin) along with drivers and fuel for the election duty. The administration said the general elections scheduled to be held in Islamabad in July 2018 would require vehicles in order to pick and drop the election staff to and from the polling stations.

However, Deputy Director (Admin) CDA, Syed Safdar Ali, through a letter on Thursday (May 24) conveyed to the district magistrate that no spare vehicle is currently available at CDA Administration pool to be handed over to the district administration ‘for an indefinite period’ election duty.

He further stated that the request will be considered when the exact dates of the elections are announced. Apparently, the CDA high ups had regretted the ICT administration to hand over the vehicles to the ICT administration much before the polling day/for an indefinite period.

 On Thursday, the issue took an ugly turn when the officials of ICT administration formally set up a picket outside the main gates of the CDA headquarters in sector G-7 to ‘snatch’ whatever double cabin CDA vehicle exits the premises. The sources told The Nation that an ICT team led by an Area Magistrate intercepted the vehicle of CDA director Arif Javed (IDF-8244) and forcibly took him, the driver and the vehicle to the Chief Commissioner office in sector G-11.

The ICT officials impounded the vehicle at the premises but released the CDA officer, driver and his vehicle after chairman CDA contacted the District Magistrate on the issue. According to the CDA officials who spoke to this scribe on condition of anonymity, the ICT officials acted beyond their limits.