KARACHI - Disenchanted founding member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Fauzia Kasuri on Thursday announced joining Mustafa Kamal’s Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).

Fauzia, who recently quit PTI after expressing concern over the party’s policies, made am announcement about joining the PSP at a press conference at Pakistan House along with Mustafa Kamal and Anis Qaimkhani.

“I have no differences with PTI Chairman Imran Khan but party left its line and it forced me to part ways with PTI,” Kasuri told media men. She said that it was deplorable that the party that marked victory in general elections of 2013 left its ideology. The people who were actually opponents of the party became part of the PTI and now they are enjoying key slots in the party, she said.

“I have never done politics for personal gains or any party position but after 2013 the PTI movement faced a dent as people who should be jailed over corruption became part of the PTI,” Kasuri said.

She said the PSP leadership was working for betterment of people and raising issues of common man, whereas Kamal and Qaimkhani were considered to be brave as they fought against terrorism and lies.

Welcoming Kasuri into PSP, Chairman Mustafa Kamal said that inclusion of the dissident PTI leader into his party had strengthened the party’s ideology. Further claiming PSP a mainstream political force of the country, he went on to say that at present there were four members of the National Assembly and eighteen members of the Sindh Assembly became part of the PSP. All these legislators joined the PSP after realising the truth.

Talking about recent debates in the Sindh Assembly over creation of more administrative units in Sindh, Kamal said that PPP-MQM were seeking victory in the general elections therefore they had staged this new drama. Both these parties are working on an agreed plan, cursing each other in an attempt to mislead people, he said. These parties initiate debate on creation of new provinces at the time of general elections but do nothing after winning the elections. So far, he said, they used Mohajir and Sindh cards to win the elections.