KAMALIA - Kamalia Municipality councillor Rana Shabbir Manna met Kamalia Municipal Committee (MC) chairman Malik Sharif and demanded an X-ray machine at Kamalia City Hospital.

During the meeting, several matters of public interest were discussed. Rana Shabbir Manna told the MC chairman that patients from the city were facing severe difficulties due to lack of X-ray and medical laboratory at the city hospital. “They go to Kamalia Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital if X-ray or laboratory reports are needed,” he said, adding that it caused severe problems for the patients and their families. He demanded the MC chairman an immediate solution to the problem. He urged him to provide an X-ray machine and establish a laboratory at the City Hospital, Kamalia. MC chairman Malik Sharif assured him to consider the matter.

As per instruction of Kamalia Assistant Commissioner Hafiz Najeeb, DDOH Dr Kashif Nadeem checked three medical laboratories at Zeeshan Colony and Thaana Chowk, Kamalia. They sealed three laboratories that were illegal.

They also apprehended the owner of a laboratory. A challan was sent to Healthcare Commission, Punjab.