GN LOS ANGELES - Jennifer Lopez wants women to ‘understand their worth’ through her new track ‘El Anillo’.

The 48-year-old singer released the Spanish-language track - which translates to ‘The Ring’ in English - last month, and has now said the message behind the song and its accompanying music video is to encourage women to view themselves as ‘’goddesses’’. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: ‘’It was just symbolic of how we should look at ourselves, that we’re not just queens, we’re goddesses and people have to fight to be in your life. And you have to understand your worth and value. ‘’I’m all about women speaking up and demanding what they want. I feel like that’s where the world is at right now ... It’s like we don’t have to mince words anymore. We found our voice, we’re being strong, we’re standing up for ourselves.’’

In the music video for the song, Jennifer stars as a literal queen whose love and devotion must be won over by potential suitors.

Jennifer’s latest single comes after she previously revealed she often worries that she’ll ‘’fall flat on her face’’ when she takes on a new project.

The ‘On The Floor’ singer - who is also an actress, dancer, and producer - said: ‘’People don’t realise I have been producing for about - oh my God -for about 10 years now!

‘’It’s a hunger not from an ambition of wanting more, it’s an ambition of passion of doing what I love and seeing how many great things I can do in that sense. I ask myself ‘Can I do it? Or am I going to fall flat on my face?’ Maybe. OK. Next. What I am gonna do next?’’

But Jennifer admits she takes on projects that are tough because she enjoys the challenge.

She explained: ‘’I never let anyone pigeonhole me, I never let anyone put me in a box and every step of the way people try to do that to you, especially if you’re a woman.’’