Islamabad - A number of city’s private schools management ridiculing Islamabad High Court (IHC)’s recent verdict directing them not to charge summer vacation fee, have issued fee notifications for the conflicting period.

A large number of parents on Thursday vowing to fight back complained that they were allegedly being threatened by the school management to impose heavy fines and even threatened to expel children if the fee for the months of June and July were not paid as per given schedule.

Ishrat Hussain, whose two siblings are enrolled in a private school, said in a smart move earlier the school administration had demanded two months fee without mentioning the fee months but after the parents complained they withdrew the notifications.

Yet again, while a turning deaf ear to the honourable court’s orders, schools have issued fresh receipts asking parents to deposit money for the months of June and July, he added.

Private Education Institution Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) chairman Hasnat Ahmed Qureshi said it had received a number of complaints from parents regarding different school managements asking to deposit fee or face the consequences, which was tantamount to the contempt of court.

He said five schools had been issued warnings to refrain from demanding summer vacation fee and implement the honourable court’s orders in letter and spirit otherwise strict action would be taken against them under the PEIRA Act.

The IHC, in its court orders, announced on May 18, directed PEIRA that “all private educational institutions are restrained from receiving fee for the period of summer vacations till the next date of hearing,(fixed for hearing on June 20). Amount of fee already paid by the parents / students shall be adjusted against a fee for the period after vacation.”  

It is pertinent to mention here that all four provincial high courts have already barred private schools from charging fee during summer holidays and so have gained public appreciation for the court’s intervention.