FAISALABAD - The University of Agriculture Faisalabad has produced eight PhDs totaling the number of doctors of philosophy to 1,661 produced so far.

Mubashar Omar from Department of Farm Machinery and Power, Fareeha Bashir from  Department of Biochemistry; Muhammad Idrees from Department of Agronomy; Wafa Majeed from Institute of Pharmacy, Physiology and Pharmacology, Zinayyera Subhani from Department of Biochemistry, Arslan Afzal from  Department of Farm Machinery and Power, Adnan Khaliq from National Institute of Food Science and Technology, and Mujahid Manzoor from Department of Entomology have passed their final examination for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD).

The titles of their thesis are “Design, development and performance evaluation of biomass gasifier for power generation”, “Development of microbial proteases for industrial applications”, “Selenium Biofortification in wheat through different application methods”, “Antihyperglycemic potential of polyherbal formulation in alloxanized chyperglycemic rats”, “Characterization and efficacy of different aflatoxin detoxifying agents”, “Development of a hybrid solar distillation system for value addition of medicinal plants”, “Exploration of camel milk properties and its compatibility for yogurt production”, and “Demography, bio-ecology and integrated management of red palm weevil, Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus in Punjab (Pakistan)” respectively.