LAHORE Criticizing rulers for giving MFN status to India, speakers at a rally have stressed upon withdrawing the decision as it was contrary to the ground realities and against public aspirations. They said that giving India MFN status was treachery with the blood of thousands of innocent Kashmiris. They said that India has killed innocent Kashmiri Muslims and demolished historical Babri Mosque. They said that Pakistanis have only the relationship of hate, revenge and bullet with India. Jamaat-ud-Dawa and other religious and religio-political parties held the rally at Nasser Bagh on Thursday. Earlier, they organized Istahkam-e-Pakistan Carvan from Azadi Chowk to Nasser Bagh. Thousands of people from all over Lahore and its suburbs took part, shouting slogans against India and demanding withdrawal of MFN status. They participated in the Carvan on vehicles such as tractors, trucks, buses, vans, cars, motorcycles and on foot. The participants were carrying national flags, Dawa flags and placards and banners inscribed with writings against the rulers and arch rival India. They also chanted slogans against India. They also burnt Indian Taranga. Addressing the participants at Nasser Bagh, Central leader Dawa Maulana Abdul Rehman Makki said that if the decision was not withdrawn, public would get it reversed through force. He said that India wanted to infiltrate RAW agents in the guise of traders. The stupid leaders of Pakistan are letting India block major rivers and then are going to purchase costly electricity from India, he said. Ameer Hamza said 'we will not allow India to turn Pakistan in to a barren wasteland by blocking waters of rivers of Punjab.