OUR STAFF REPORTER MUZAFFARGARH - On the special directives of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Muzaffargarh district administration chalked out the frame work of comprehensive planning for maintaining peace, sectarian harmony and promotion of unity in the district during forthcoming holy month Muharram. Dera Ghazi Khan Commissioner Tariq Mehmood Kha said this while presiding over a high lever law order meeting here Thursday. He said the plan would be implemented with an effective collaboration of religious leaders belonging to all schools of thought, district administration and police. RPO Muhammad Nawaz Warraich, Brig Tariq Mehmood Khan, DCO Tahir Khursheed Chaudhry, DPO Munir Ahmed Zia, all ACs, DSPs and all the departments along with Ulema were also present there. The Commissioner was of the view that peaceful atmosphere was pre-requisite for smooth socio-economic development and district government was very much committed to uphold the peaceful traditions of the district. He underlined the need to keep an utmost vigilance on suspected elements, so that no one could dare to jeopardise the peaceful atmosphere. Tariq Mehmood appealed to the religious leaders to play their vital role, as usual, in promoting harmony and unity among the people. He ensured that the district government would give due preference to their proposals and suggestions for maintaining law & order. All the ACs and DSPs in the district had already been directed to keep close coordination with the notables of their respective areas for effectiveness of peace plan, he said, adding that the district administration would also take necessary steps for ensuring sanctity in Muharram throughout the district. Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Mulana Ali Sher Haidery and other religious leaders also addressed the meeting and ensured their cooperation with the district government for lasting peace.