DHAKA (Agencies) - A two-day meeting of the General Council of the WTO will decide next week whether Pakistan will get duty-free access to the European Union (EU) or not, officials said on Thursday. The EU last year decided to extend duty-exempted facility on 75 items, including textiles, garments, footwear and leather goods for three years starting in 2012, to Pakistan as a special assistance to cover the losses caused by devastating floods there. Bangladesh early this month raised a serious objection to the EUs decision of providing such a tariff concession for the items that was likely to hamper Bangladeshs exports of, at least, eight garment products. According to the rules of the 153-nation WTO, only the least developed countries (LDCs) like Bangladesh are entitled to get duty-free access to any EU country. Representatives from the LDCs including Bangladesh are seeking to garner support against the EUs decision as, according to the provisions of the WTO, only the LDCs are entitled for the duty-free access to any bloc, officials said. Bangladesh has has a serious reservation over giving trade facilities, the official said. Trade should be interfaced with business and aid should be addressed through providing financial assistance, as a top policymaker of the MoC told the FE. India which also objected initially against the EU decision to give duty-free access to Pakistani products, withdrew, however, its opposition last September. Meanwhile, the policy-maker in the Bangladesh MoC had said that his country had not made any objection to the EU decision but simply pointed out certain principles about trade and aid at the WTO meeting in Geneva, November 07.