ISLAMABAD - The ruling coalition government is all set to explode gas bomb by increasing the tariff rates of both SNGPL and SSGCL adding to woes and worries of gas consumers to be effective by January 1st next year. After surge in power rates, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has jacked up the tariff rate of both Sui Northern Gas Company Limited and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited resultantly extraordinary miseries and sufferings in near future might openly haunt the gas consumers of the country, sources informed on Thursday. It was learnt that approval of this hefty increase in tariff is given under the head expansion of distribution network, operation, maintenance, and gas theft and line losses and again the imposition of this increased tariff rate will be from January 1st 2012. The sources also told that the regulator has given heavy surge to the tariff rate of SNGPL by 14.05 per cent while a massive hike in the tariff rate of SSGCL by 11 per cent resultantly the tariff rate of SNGPL has reached at Rs 43.93 per mmbtu and the tariff rate of SSGCL has also touched Rs 34 per mmbtu to be imposed on the consumers after getting the final nod from the Federal government. Sources further informed that both utilities will ultimately be benefitted with this recent approval of massive surge in the per mmbtu tariff rate which the regulator has approved now. However, yet the incumbent ruling coalition government has to decide about the imposition of subsidy, the sources added. They also told that consumers would have to bear the brunt of gas theft and line losses worth of Rs 13 billion and Rs 15 billion for the Parliamentarians gas schemes and OGRA has sent this summary to the Federal government. It is worthy to note here that Parliamentarians only pay 30 per cent from their respective funds while the over burdened gas consumers of the country have to pay a hefty share of 70 per cent in each gas development schemes of the Parliamentarians. They also tipped off that the OGRA in its executive summary sent to the incumbent Federal government has expressed its severe reservations, concerns even objection on new gas development schemes. The regulator while objecting new gas development schemes has said that continuous increase in new gas development schemes is persistently causing accumulation of losses and increased tariff rates to suppress the already hard pressed gas consumers. Further, it has been raised in the said summary that both utilities are unable and even remained incapable to meet the burgeoning demands of existing gas consumers while the OGRA Ordinance has also bounded the authority to meet the demands of existing consumers instead of opting for further growth in the existing networks, sources added. However, they were of the opinion that the Federal government would review the sent summary in a bid to allocate the ratio of burden on variety of gas consumers and would also decide either to extend subsidy or not in the present scenario. They also told that the regulator while approving the gigantic hike in tariff rates has endorsed the multibillion losses of both utilities and also consented a heavy amount worth of Rs 15 billion under the head new Parliamentarians gas schemes in its new approval. It is relevant to mention that the OGRA has sent an executive summary first time to the Federal government alongwith the summary of increase in tariff where it has been advocated that the regulator can initiate new gas schemes after fulfiling the demands of the consumers, sources said, adding, that the country is also witnessing acute gas shortage so with the initiation of new gas schemes extraordinary burden will be passed on to the consumers so in a bid to give relief to the consumers, the government has to reduce the losses of both utilities. Additionally, the OGRA has already passed on the extra burden of gas theft and line losses to the consumers after the decision of Lahore and Sindh High Courts. However, the OGRA has opposed new gas schemes and passing on the burden appeared due to gas theft and line losses in its sent summary.