LAHORE General Secretary National Style Wrestling Association of Pakistan Tariq Butt Thursday termed the Indo-Pak Dangal totally a drama which not only hurt Pakistani fans to large extent but also caused of defaming the country and urged the government to send the organisers to prison, otherwise they will protest against it and also go to the court. Talking to Nawa-i-Waqt in Aiwan-e-Waqt on Thursday, Tariq said: We have a lot of such wrestlers who can beat Indian wrestlers within few minutes but a local organiser without any preparation and publicity organised this event and did not bother to consult with experienced and expert dangal organisers who had served their whole life in this profession. The organiser did not ask for main wrestlers for fight in time and hired the wrestlers of 25 to 30 years old who just take Rs 10,000 to 15,000 to fight. These local wrestlers were no match for experienced Indian wrestlers therefore they lost against Indians within few minutes and defamed the country which is full of renowned wrestlers. He questioned that recently two of Pakistan wrestlers won the gold medals in Commonwealth Games held in India and they were rewarded as well but why not these wrestlers were asked to fight against Indians? Among the players who can easily beat these Indian wrestlers are Rustam-e-Pakistan Usman Billo, Nadir Dar Bahawalpuriya, Azam Lurka of Army, Rustam-e-Asia Bashir Bhola Bhala, Rustam-e-Pakistan Usman Majeed and many more but why not the so called organiser bring these wrestlers in front and asked to fight against the Indians? he questioned. He urged the government to take stern action against the organiser who was main cause of defaming the country which has great name and fame in the field of dangal as it is the culture of the country and the people of the country could not bear such shameful defeats against the arch-rival Indian wrestlers. Either government will send these culprits to prison or we, the wrestlers of the country, will protest against it and go to Supreme Court and ask the Chief Justice of Pakistan to give justice to the entire Pakistan nation which is hurt by such shameful defeats, he asserted. Soon our real and expert Pakistani wrestlers will go to India and defeat Indian wrestlers there on their own land, he concluded.