CHAKWAL (Agencies) Saying that days of the corrupt rulers are numbered now and no one can stop the tsunami of change that has already begin to sweep the country, Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan advised the forces of status quo not to dare get in the way forces of change. Everything has changed with the passage of time and the masses that are fed up with this exploitative system want change, the PTI chief said during a public gathering in Chakwal on Thursday. The present system is corrupt and exploitative to the core and the most corrupt person of the country has become the president of the country, he grumbled. Imran also repeated his call to PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif to stop obstructing PTIs way, saying Mian Saab Jan Deyo (Mian Sahib let it go). Quoting Hazrat Ali (May Allah Be Pleased With Him), Imran said that a pagan system could sustain but a system based on injustice can never carry on. Addressing Chaudry Nisar, the cricketer-turned politician said: Chaudhry Sahib you said two wickets could not be taken on a single ball, I tell you how this could be done; when last wicket is taken, the player playing at the other end is also declared out automatically. Nisar says my house is worth Rs 120 billion; either it (my house) must be made of gold bricks or he (Nisar) is talking about Raiwind palaces of Sharif brothers. He said that ex-rulers spent mercilessly and unscrupulously national sources in Raiwind to convert it into a feudal Jagir, claiming that 900 crore rupees were lavished on Raiwind palaces. How can a man who looted wealth of the nation uplift the nation, he questioned. Criticising PML-N, he said that it had underground links with the ruling PPP for its own interests. Imran also urged Shahbaz Sharif to refrain from using public money in PML-N rallies. He said that his Karachi rally on December 25 will decide countrys future. It would be decided in Karachi that what Pakistanis want, he roared. Inviting everyone to be part of the 'tsunami that was unleashed in Lahore on October 30, he told party workers to prepare themselves for elections to win 'Pakistan world cup. The PTI chief said that if he won elections he would unite the people of Karachi to bring peace in the city as innocent citizen were being killed there. He said that Karachi was backbone of countrys economy as the biggest share of revenue comes from this port city. He said Pakistan has everything that could lead its citizens to prosperity. Pakistan has been endowed with every kind of capabilities of science and technology. It is full of men of letters and scholars but due to lack of proper planning and honest leadership, it is falling down and down, he said. Imran said the country would receive huge investment from Pakistanis living abroad once the rule of law is established. Oversees Pakistani are our real assets, he said, claiming that ninety percent of them were standing with the PTI to play positive role for the progress of the country. He said he would also urge China to invest in Pakistan. Imran also pledged to revolutionise education system of the country, saying that maximum funds will be utilised to ensure that children of poor get the same level of education as those of the affluent. He paid rich tribute to former HEC chairman Dr Attaur Rehman and vowed to bring him back when he gets his chance to govern Pakistan. Imran also pledged to provide all help to small farmers, declaring them to be the backbone of this agriculture country. He said that we would provide cheap electric power and fertilisers to the farmers.