LAHORE The Lahore High Court on Thursday allowed Punjab government to finalize the process for appointment of those pharmacists who qualified and Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) exam and interview on merit. About 68 ad-hoc pharmacists through their counsel Pervaiz Innayet Malik had approached the LHC for their regularization. During the course of hearing on Thursday, Justice Umer Ata Bandial expressed surprise on the fact that chief Minister had regularized some ad-hoc pharmacists and others were denied regularization. What is the fault of the new pharmacists who has been appointed on merit after tests and interview through PPSC? They should not be stopped from joining on their jobs which they had got after proven their abilities, Justice remarked. The court will resume the hearing on Dec 08. The pharmacists had pleaded that they were appointed on ad-hoc and contract at various times in grade 16 and grade 22. They submitted that under rule 5 of PPSC rules 1978 the chief executive of the province (chief minister) has powers to regularize adhoc or contracted employees, dispensing with conditions of the PPSC. They said exercising powers under rule 5 of the PPSC, the chief minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif regularized from time to time the selected few pharmacists of his liking. They stated, however, they were not regularized by the chief minister despite several requests and applications moved in the offices of respondents and the chief minister.