ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly on Thursday witnessed a heated debate on the memo controversy between treasury and opposition benches as the main opposition party PML-N demanded a clear stance of the government over the resignation of Hussain Haqani. The PML-N accused the government of being non-serious about the issue and the house saw continued crosstalk and sloganeering from both sides. The opposition members raised slogans like 'Khad Chor (fertiliser thieves), 'Bakery Chor and finally the spar led to a walkout by the PML-N members. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, in response to the allegation levelled by Leader of the Opposition Nisar Ali Khan, assured that the incumbent government would thoroughly investigate the memo issue and settle the case to the satisfaction of the nation, national assembly and the opposition. There is no threat for the government and if there was any, then we would look towards the masses, he added. Earlier, Nisar, on point of order, said that the government has not given a clear staance over the controversial memogate, saying that the resignation of Hussain Haqani raised many questions. If the memo was fake then why has the ambassador resigned ?...What kind of probe is being carried out in the matter?.. why the Haqqani is not allowed to leave the country ..? why this matter was termed fake for more than six weeks?..why defence minister has implicated his own prime minister into the controversy; and why the prime minister did not tell the house on way forward?... If an ambassador to USA was involved, involvement of rulers could simply not be ruled out, he said demanding the response from the government. He demanded that the House should be taken into confidence by the PM and defense minister. No proper heed was given to the issue but when a military motorcade came to the President House then the resignation was demanded of the ambassador... You are answerable to this house ...You are not answerable to Gen. Kiyani and DG ISI, he added. He said that if Moonis Elahi was not involved in the NICL scandal then what was the reason behind depositing Rs 200 million in the national exchequer. About the situation arising out of the shortage of Urea fertilizer in the country, Nisar said that 12 days have been passed and concerned minister (Pervaiz Elahi) was not present in the house to respond the the queries regarding Urea fertilizer. The session would be prorogued today tomorrow (Friday) but the concerned minister did not come in the house...I have all the documents as thousands of Urea sacks were distributed among parliaments. Gujrat is at the top of the list in fake permits as around 80 percent are fake, he said. The PML(N) members also raised slogans Khad (Urea) chor , 'shame-shame during the speech of Chaudhary Nisar. He defended PML-Ns petition in the Supreme Court as due to weak stance of incumbents regarding the issue, while he also criticized government for rendering the supremacy of Parliament as ineffective. He said that those who mentioned General Zia-ul-Haq mentioning his name should know that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was senior to him as one of his (Zias) associates. In the response, Prime Minister Gilani ruled out the possibility that there was any threat to the incumbent government and the memo case would be thoroughly investigated to the satisfaction of nation, national assembly and the opposition. He further said that the resignation was taken from ambassador in order to initiate an impartial inquiry. He said that Haqqani was summoned to the Prime Minister House, and not to the Presidency, at one Oclock for explanation about the memo case. I had directed him (Haqqani) to tender his resignation as the issue demanded an impartial inquiry with no influence from any circle, he said. He said that the matter was with the inquiry committee for a fair probe and since the PML-N has already taken the matter to the Supreme Court, further details could not be shared as the matter was subjudice. He said that he held a meeting with British National Security Advisor on that day in which Chief of Army Staff and ISI Chief assisted him and it was a scheduled meeting. About Nisars point about the statement of Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar on the issue, he said he (Defense Minister) meant that the decision would be taken by the Prime Minister. Adding his share to respond the oppositions allegations, Minister for Religious Affairs Khurshid Shah reminded Nisar that from 1977 to year 2000, his party had faced court cases but never attacked the courts . He further said that Taliban and fundamentalists were killers of Benazir Bhutto and they would be arrested. While, in response to Khursheed Shah, Nisar said that the government was non-serious and the parliament had become meaningless. On it, Khurshid again spoke on point of order, saying that the PML-N leaders as bakery thieves who had turned the Punjab government liable of Rs 80 billion debt. When Pervaiz Elahi left the government, Punjab was a rich province with Rs 17 billion but now they have made it defaulter, he added. PML-N should give answer why Shahbaz Sharif went to Bill Clinton with a complaint against armed forces? He said PML-N was ruling Punjab with the help of turncoats who were members of Qatil League. Earlier, Minister of State for Industries and Defence Production Bahadur Khan told the house that provincial mismanagement had resulted in shortage of urea across country and Punjab was at the top. Responding to a call-attention notice regarding delay in the preparation of the new electoral lists for the next general elections, Khursheed said that 7.5 million new votes included in the new voter list. Incumbent government wish to make mechanism for overseas Pakistanis to caste their votes. He termed the fake voter list as a crime. The government will make all out effort to make voter list transparent as many of fake voters have been removed from new voter list, he said adding that as per new system photo will also be included in the list. He said that after cancellation of 37 million fake votes from the electoral rolls now the Elections Commission of Pakistan was preparing new voters lists through a free and transparent manner. I offer to all political parties to give their suggestions for improving the system , he added.