KARACHI (PPI) - Sindh Information Minister Shania Marri said on Thursday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had no concrete plan to run the government and merely relying on empty rhetoric to mobilise masses. People must inquire about those joining PTI, who had been associated with different political parties in the past and later left it after gaining a political mileage, said Marri, who got the charge of the information department for a second time, at a press conference held at the Sindh Secretariat. Information minister questioned the rationale of holding public rally on December 25 in Karachi by PTI, when Christians celebrate their holy festival the same day. The sentiments of large number of non-Muslims, mainly Christians, residing in the provincial capital must not be ignored whose public movement could be restricted on the day of festival, she added. She asked Imran Khan to avoid making anti-people decisions, adding, rallies, not polls, wont determine the verdict of masses. She maintained that there was no room for conspiracy against the ruling government. Democracy is here to stay, stressed the Minister. She said if Nawaz Sharif said he did not believe in the parliament clearly implies he rejected the existence of democracy. In her harsh criticism to PML-N, Marri said Sharif Brothers should first read the constitution before citing its Articles to malign the government and get it (constitution) translated for better comprehension if they were not getting the hang of it. She said Pakistan Peoples Party never believed in gender discrimination as it had just appointed MNA Sherry Rehman as an Ambassador to the United Stated which is a serious responsibility. Minister said some districts in the province were still facing post-flood problems as so far Rs17 billion had been spent on relief efforts. Of the total Rs17 billion, she said 7 billion were spent on Pakistan Cards with the share of provincial government of Rs5.5 billion. She said the government had also released one billion rupees for revamping the agriculture sector in the province. Marri said the provincial had mainly focused on revamping irrigation, agriculture and road sectors as first priority in the flood-hit areas. Around 1,250 water hubs are being established on cost of Rs2.5 billion that will provide 25,000 to 30,000 gallon clean drinking water per day to different villages. She said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif donated money for flood-ravaged areas of Sindh from the divisible pool which was the share of Sindh itself. Hence projecting on media the trucks dispatched to the province is of no use, she added.