LAHORE PML-N President Nawaz Sharif on Thursday defended his decision to move the Supreme Court on the issue of the controversial letter that former Ambassador Hussain Haqqani had sent to Admiral Mike Mullen, saying the step was taken in the larger interest of the country. Addressing a ceremony at which keys were handed over to the winners of a draw for yellow cabs, he criticised those who have been demanding from the Sharif family to declare their 'real assets. The former Prime Minister said:'Pakistani nation is my real asset and my agenda is to bring the country on path of progress by getting it a dignified status among the developed countries. He stated that their assets were not hidden and everyone knew about them. Those who wanted to clear their way to power by mudslinging should carefully listen that PML-N would win the next elections and serve the people, he said. Referring to a verse of the Holy Quran, Nawaz said that blaming someone without proof was unethical. He said those levelling baseless allegations must see their own faces. 'An amount of Rs 115 million of Sharif family is still outstanding against the Government of Pakistan. Tell us from where we should get this amount, he questioned. He said that Musharraf during his eight-year rule had badly failed to unearth any wrongdoing on his part. 'We sacrificed for the country but ironically baseless allegations are being levelled against me and my family in TV talk shows, he regretted. The PML-N President maintained that he had moved a petition in the Supreme Court to expose the conspiracy behind memo issue. He stressed upon the people to hold those wandering with begging bowls accountable as begging was an insult to the nation and he did not like it. He said that on coming to power, the PML-N would provide interest free loans to the skilled people especially to the educated youth. He said that yellow cabs were purchased at cheaper rate than market price as a result of which, an amount of Rs. 960 million was saved upon which ShahbazSharif and Chief Secretary deserve appreciation. He asked the media also to mention such things in its programmes. Nawaz Sharif said that 20,000 vehicles were being distributed among the educated youth through transparent balloting this year while he would ask the Punjab government to distribute another 20,000 next year. Congratulating the successful applicants, he said that those who could not get vehicles this year would be given next year. He regretted that Federal government has not supplemented the Punjab government efforts aimed at providing respectable livelihood by providing yellow cabs. 'Had the Federal government supported the provincial government, thousands more cabs would have been provided to the youth, he stated.