LAHORE The Punjab government has decided to impose ban on pillion riding in all districts of the province on 9th and 10th of Muharram, senior adviser Sirdar Zulfikar Ali Khan Khosa told reporters here on Thursday. He said the government had also made an elaborate programme to maintain sectarian peace and law and order during the month. Army and Rangers, he said, would be called out in case of any untoward situation. However, a decision on the subject would be taken by the relevant district administration. About half a dozen districts are sensitive, he said, without identifying them. He said control rooms have been set up at the tehsil level to monitor the law and order situation. A control room set up at the provincial level would keep an eye over the overall situation. Peace committees, Mr Khosa said, had been formed at the district level to ensure sectarian harmony. These committees, having representation of ulema of all religious schools of thought, would hold regular meetings till the month of Muharram was over. The senior adviser urged the media to verify from the provincial control room the authenticity of any news during Muharram. The telephone numbers of the control rooms at all levels would be publicized during the next few days. He made it clear that the Punjab government was not asking the media to kill any news item. Instead, he said, it was only stressing the need for verifying the authenticity. He said at time baseless rumours led to serious situations. Mr Khosa said no policeman would be required to work more than 12 hours a day and during his duty hours in the month of Muharram they would provided with food.