LAHORE - The second phase of the worlds second largest Muslim preaching congregation started at Raiwind City amid tight security measures on Thursday afternoon. The congregation will end with an exceptionally long prayer (dua), which would be offered on Sunday. On the first day, delivering special sermons, leading Islamic scholars said that most of the Muslims have forgotten Almighty Allah and never undertake backbiting and libels as sins rather they have adopted it as a modern fashion. The great Creator forgives all sins of the Muslims after they regret on their past wrongdoings. The Ulema further urged the participants to fully adopt the methods and codes of spending peaceful life once they dispatch from the Raiwind Congregation. They urged the Muslims to follow Islam in true spirit. Each minute of the participants is precious and the value of each practical step taken for the promotion and propagation is increased manifold, said the scholars. According to the sermons, the Muslim Ummah was appealed to join hands for common goal. This is right time for us to take practical steps and purge our lives from sins, peccadilloes, transgression and other wrongdoings. The day of hereafter would be the day of judgment with no relaxation so we should prepare now for that time, they stated. Addressing to the participants, delivering special sermon Maulana Abdul Wahab said, Preaching Islam is like cleaning a diamond (human being) from trash as once you are associated to such Islamic congregation, with the passage of time every kind of evils eliminate from your lives. He said todays Muslim has forgotten his God in the way of making worldly progress and getting ordinary monetary benefits. I wish to see each Muslim in heaven on the Day of Judgment. For this purpose, through this massive platform we all are trying to purge Muslims lives from evils, he further stated. Later, Maulana Muhammad Jameel, Maulana Muhammad Abrahi and Maulana Tariq Jameel said, in their special sermons that the Creator does not bother your those deeds, which are done just to hunt publicity and worldly motives. In fact, first we have to impeach ourselves and say thanks to God for blessing us by His numerous and uncountable blessings, said the Ulema, adding todays Muslim is accusing others instead of doing his own impeachment. We ourselves are responsible for the turmoil and turbulence as we have drifted away from righteousness and the true path shown to us by Allah, they added. They also further prayed for the strength of Islam, vowing to serve the religion with dedication and devotion and go on Tablighi missions all over the world for the propagation of the religion of peace, Islam. They also prayed for the supremacy of Islam as well as the unity in the Muslim Ummah, tolerance and love besides shunning sectarianism. The ulema also urged the Muslim Ummah to follow basic principles of Islam and mould their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. These renowned religious scholars further stressed upon the Muslims to shun evildoings in their quite short life and follow in the footsteps and teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The clerics further asked the Muslims to get united across the world as this was the only way to oppose devil forces. According to sermons, the aliens were moving forward to change the identity of Muslim Ummah through a conspiracy. Earlier, the metropolitan police and the City traffic police jointly implemented a comprehensive plan to ensure security of the participants and smooth flow of traffic for the second phase of Tablighi Ijtima. According to plan, about 1,500 policemen along with officers in plain clothes have been deputed at the place. The traffic police have also set up a control room as well as a police camp under the supervision of a DSP at the site of the congregation.