OUR STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD - In order to ensure the provision of accurate and timely information relating to performance and dynamics of capital market to various stakeholders, the SECP has developed various databases, which include a wide range of information relating to equity and corporate debt markets of the country. The databases include information regarding equity securities for the time period ranging from as earlier as 1992 and relates to public offerings and issue of shares. It further contains valuable information relating to debt instruments and securities including listed and privately-placed term finance certificates, commercial papers, sukuk and securitised structure debt instruments. The databases are further augmented by the details of securities issued outside Pakistan including depository receipts. The basic purpose of these databases is to increase the awareness of the market participants and general investors regarding the capital issues activity. This would also assist in conducting academic and empirical research by a number of factions. This initiative moves in line with its overall objective of promoting and enabling effective and adequate disclosure.