LAHORE The Lahore High Court has been approached to declare as illegal the appointment of Sherry Rehman as ambassador to the US. Judicial Activism Panel Chairman Advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddique filed constitutional petition seeking disqualification of Sherry Rehman for presenting Private Member Bill for making purposed amendments in Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Court relating to offence of blasphemy. He had requested to declare her disqualified to hold national assembly seat in view of Article 62(d), 62(e), 62(f) and 62(g) of the Constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan, 1973. Mr. Siddque stated that during the pendency of the constitutional petition and without deciding the fate to proceed under Section 295-C the government in malafidies and in violation of the settled law had appointed Sherry Rehman as Ambassador to the United State. He also stated that Sherry Rehman being a member of the National Assembly could not be appointed to any government post. He pleaded that Sherry Rehman is still holding a seat of MNA and in this view she is disqualified to be nominated or appointed as ambassador to the any country because ambassador is an employee of Service of Pakistan. He prayed to declare appointment of Sherry Rehman as ambassador to the US as illegal. Plea against Zaka NOT PROCEEDED: The Lahore High Court on Thursday could not proceed on a writ petition challenging the appointment of Zaka Ashraf as chairman Pakistan Cricket Board due to non availability of federal government reply on the petition. About one month ago, LHC had sought the reply of federal government on the petition filed by Advocate Tariq Asad. On Thursday, when Chief Justice Sh Azmat Saeed started proceeding, deputy attorney general appeared before the court and requested more time to take government reply. The CJ accepted his request and adjourned hearing till Dec 15. Advocate Asad had filed the petition requesting the court to set aside appointment of Ashraf as new PCB chairman. He had submitted the respondent had no administration experience and also did not have education qualification to hold this prestigious office.He said Ashraf's appointment was not made on merit and it was merely a political appointment. The petitioner pleaded that Zaka Ashraf was made PCB chairman on political consideration as he was member of central executive committee of ruling Pakistan Peoples Party and enjoyed a good relation with the President Asif Ali Zardari. As per the ICC rules direct appointments in a cricket board could not be made and the general body of the board will have the right to elect its chairman, he stated in the petition adding under rules of international cricket council (ICC) appointments on political basis could not be done. He submitted that the board of directors had not recommended the name of Zaka Ashraf for chairmanship of the cricked board and federal government ignored the board of directors. He prayed the court to declare the appointment as illegal and unconstitutional to restrain Zaka from performing duties as chairman PCB.