OUR STAFF REPORTER FAISALABAD The Sunni Ittehad Council chairman on Thursday said that the Sunni Muslims would leave no stone unturned and continue their efforts until Nizam-e-Mustafa is enforced in Pakistan, saying that they are in majority in the country. Addressing a public meeting at Dhobi Ghat in Faisalabad, Sahibzada Fazal Kareem, who is also a member of the National Assembly, said that those politicians who made politics a business were criminals. He also announced to hold another public meeting in Gujranwala after Muharram. The SIC will abolish the system of wealth and atrocities as well as politics of corruption and self-interest. Both the stale system and incapable leadership have failed to deliver, the SIC chairman said. He urged the rulers to take the nation into confidence on the memo issue in spite of politicising it. He said that his party would not let make compromise on national integrity, sovereignty and solidarity of the country. On the occasion, SIC Vice Chairman and Sunni Tehrik Chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri said that the rulers are living a luxurious life and the people are suffering political instability, loadshedding, unemployment, dearness, terrorism and suicide attacks. He also said that the days of the rulers were numbered. Criticising the PML-N, he said that the party which rule the biggest province of the country could not play the role of opposition. He warned that revolution of blood would follow the failure to resolve the peoples grievances. We dont believe in armed struggle. Our arms and ammunitions are love for the last and final Messenger (PBUH). Addressing the participants, Aalmi Tanzeem Ahle-Sunnat Chief and SIC Vice Chairman Pir Muhammad Afzal Qadri said that Mumtaz Qadri is not a terrorist but a national hero. He termed the Nizam-e-Mustafa a must to steer the country out of crises. The meeting was also addressed by SIC Secretary General Hanif Tayyab, Pir Fuzail Ayyaz Qadri, Mehfooz Shah Mashhadi, Syed Safdar Shah Gilani, Muhammad Nawaz Kharl, Hamid Raza, Fazlur Rehman Okaravi, Mian Fahim Akhtar, Ilahi Bakhsh, Tariq Mehboob, Tariq Wali, Mian Ghulam Mustafa, Abu Dawood Muhmmad Sadiq, Mian Muhammad Hanafi, Sultan Riazual Hassan Qadri, Muhammad Saeed Rizvi, Maulana Wazerul Qadri and Muhammad Atharul Qadri.